This cheat sheet provides Cisco Spark developers with quick links to relevant resources you can leverage throughout Devpost’s Cisco Spark the Industry Challenge.




Get ideas for some ways enterprises are using chatbots for their workforce.

Chatbot Use Cases for the Workforce - A compilation guide that explains and shows real employee-facing bot use cases for multiple functional areas and teams.

The Power of Chatbots for Sales - A compilation video showing the power of chatbots when used by sales reps leveraging a CRM system like Salesforce, SAP Hybris and others.

The Power of Chatbots in Healthcare - A compilation video showing examples of chatbots for healthcare providers and payers.


Learn about the main components of Kore.ai’s Bots Platform to understand the capabilities that can be leveraged to build intelligent chatbots.

Kore.ai Bots Platform product overview (4 pgs) - A short written description of the Kore.ai Bots Platform and it’s main components.

Kore.ai Platform Architecture - A detailed view of each component of the Kore.ai Bots Platform and how the pieces work together.

The Tasks Bots Can Perform - A web page explaining the 5 types of task that chatbots built on Kore.ai’s Platform can perform.

Kore.ai Bot Builder tool - A web page explaining the Kore.ai Bot Builder tool, including a sub-page describing the Dialog Builder functionality within the tool



Learn how to build intelligent chatbots for Spark using Kore.ai’s Bot Builder tool.

How to Build a Bot in 5 Min with Kore.ai's Bot Builder - A short video providing a step-by-step view into every aspect of using the Kore.ai Bot Builder tool.

Developer Resource Center - A complete website with detailed documentation on each segment of the Bot Building process and the Bot Builder tool. Here are a few quick start links to within the Developer Documentation:


Other Training Videos:

  • How to Access the Bot Builder - A 6-minute video that provides a summary of the Platform and shows you how to set up an account to start building bots in the Kore.ai Bot Builder tool.
  • Kore.ai’s Bot Builder Walkthrough - A 7-minute video that walks you through what a bot is, the tasks it can perform, the basics of building out a user experience, and how you can deploy, publish, and analyze your bot.
  • Build your first bot - A 8-minute video that walks through the process of naming your bot, creating a dialog task, and analyzing debug logs and session context.