•   about 6 years ago

Room-creator's membership creation issue

Hello, I am a participant of this challenge (with "Bear: the classroom bot") and recently faced an issue that we were not aware of during the development.

When an user creates a group conversation via the Spark web app (via the search box where he can add multiple users at a time), the membership creation of the participants seems asynchronous. In our bot logic, we assumed the membership of the room-creator will be created before the rest of the people (i.e he will be the teacher and any person added later will be students) and then he will add the bot to that convo.

The bot will save the creator of the room to the database as a teacher when the membership of the bot itself is created. If the membership of the room-creator is done later with the rest of the people in that conversation, the web-hook gets notified afterwards (which we assumed it wouldn't), our bot will assume the room-creator is a student too and this messes up a portion of our bot logic: shows two instances of the same room to him, one as a teacher and one as a student, with respective authorization rights.

Now that the issue has come to our knowledge, we will definitely address it in public release. We hope this doesn't create confusions while you test our bot.


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